“The workouts are top notch and the videos are very clear. The strength, conditioning and flexibility are the most important at my age for injury prevention. HockeyOT has raised my game and also helped at work. Great program!

– Tim Page, Spokane Valley Fire Department

Ethan Moreau doing hockey training exercises

“It’s so competitive even at a young age that if you are even a little bit stronger and a little bit faster than the next guy you’ll get noticed. Without having a superior training program you’re not going to get noticed.”

– Ethan Moreau, 17 Year NHL Veteran

Raffi Torres doing hockey training exercises

“The HockeyOT workouts will make you quicker, stronger and better balanced.”

– Raffi Torres, #13 San Jose Sharks

Matt Greene doing hockey training exercises

“Chad’s exercises are innovative and definitely beneficial for today’s game.”

– Matt Greene, #2 Los Angeles Kings

Jarret Stoll doing hockey training exercises

“It’s awesome to see the results when your body becomes an efficient machine. I feel alot quicker and stronger. Plus, I never looked as jacked as I did when I was training with HockeyOT!”

– Jarret Stoll, #28 Los Angeles Kings

Sheldon Souray doing hockey training exercises

“Training during the season and off-season are very different. HockeyOT knows this and has a program that takes your season progress into account and that is one of the reasons I use these workouts.”

– Sheldon Souray, #44 Anaheim Ducks

Lateral agility drill“With these workouts I noticed myself stronger and faster. I just had more confidence on the ice. I wish I had a program like this when I was younger!”

– Shawn Horcoff, #10 Dallas Stars

“The techniques and exercises provided helped me improve my skating, balance, agility and strength. HockeyOT will benefit all levels of players, especially those who have no dedicated hockey training gyms as is the case in my country.

– Pablo Genera, #88 IHC, Argentina

“All the desire in the world can go wasted if not focused and used properly.  Chad, with his Hockey OT program has successfully created a blueprint for any hockey player who wants to work on their game outside the boundaries of team workouts.  Taken seriously, this program will make a difference for anyone who desires to take their game to the next level.”

– Chris Carriveau, Executive in Charge, Men's Shopping Network

Dustin Brown HockeyOT Headshot“I play a physical game of hockey. The HockeyOT workouts help me focus on my core strength and endurance, which I need to stay healthy and on the ice. 2 Cups and counting!”

– Dustin Brown, #23 Captain Los Angeles Kings