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Agility Ladder for Off Ice Hockey Speed Training

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The ABC Agility Ladder is a great tool to improve foot speed, agility, balance and coordination.

The ABC ladder is a 10 yard long , 16″ wide ladder with sturdy flat plastic rungs that form 19 squares, each 17″ long. (also available as a 5 yard long ladder)

Improves agility, balance, and coordination.
Great for walking, running, and hopping drills to improving proprioceptive abilities and lower extremity functions.

Spread out or pick up in seconds. Easy to use and will not tangle. Stores on its own handle.
Use as 10 yard ladder or unsnap and use as two 5 yard ladders. Snap ladders together to form a right angle to focus on change of direction.
Fixed rungs for no hassle setup and greater durability.
Plastic rungs are designed ?at to eliminate potential injury.

ABC Agility Ladder Reviews From HockeyOT Athletes:

“I think that agility ladder training was crucial to my development as a pro hockey player. It helped to improve my foot speed so that I could maneuver on the ice and change directions faster”  Ethan Moreau, 16-year NHL veteran


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