Parents & Coaches

HockeyOT allows parents and coaches to monitor the development of core hockey skills. As a coach or parent you can have access to your team’s testing data and training session logs for free. All you have to do is sign up for a coaches account on the HockeyOT Sign Up page and create a Team Code. Have each of the players on your team enter this team code in their User Settings and you will be able to view your team’s testing results and monitor their training progress and improvements. The HockeyOT coaches function will also list team medians for each test so that you know how each player compares to the median or middle score for your team. Players that do not want to share their testing data are able to keep their testing information private with the click of a button. No other online program gives you this kind of information and your coaches account is totally free! If your a coach who wants the best off-ice training program for your players then start using today!