How to Get Scouted for Hockey

If you are playing hockey in high school or with a junior hockey team, then you are probably trying to figure out how you can take your game to the next level. Getting scouted for hockey to play in the National Hockey League can be a very challenging task, especially if you do not know what to do. The only way NHL scouts will notice you is by bringing your A-game every night and playing well at the highest level possible.

Along with good play, you have to plan, train and position yourself for hockey scouts to notice you. Here are three tips that can help you get scouted for hockey and realize your dream of playing in the NHL.

How to Get Noticed in Hockey  

1. Get Noticed in Hockey Tryouts

Regardless of the hockey team that you are currently playing with, always train hard for each game as if that is the only chance you have to impress a scout. You never know, even if scouts are not attending the game, someone else might notice your exceptional talent and invite a scout to come and watch you in action.

Believe in yourself. Have an excellent off-ice hockey training regime and stick to it throughout the year. You may not play in a region where hockey is popular; however, this should not dampen your spirit. If you are a good player, and badly want to play in the NHL, then the sky should be your limit.

2. Market yourself

With advancements in technology, you certainly do have at your disposal some of the most sophisticated marketing tools ever. For instance, you can create a highlight reel showcasing your hockey skills and show it off to potential scouts. Get a friend to take videos of your game and upload them on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Once you have uploaded your highlight reels online, link them to emails that you will be sending to hockey scouts in your area. Apart from using this strategy for promoting yourself, be sure to watch your games in order to identify and correct your mistakes. If you want to be a professional hockey player, then you need to watch your games routinely in order to make necessary improvements.

3. Get in touch with college and NHL hockey scouts and coaches

One of the best sources where you can contact coaches for various US College hockey teams is Once you have found these coaches’ contacts, get their emails and phone numbers and contact them. This is certainly the most difficult step. However, as already mentioned, believe in yourself and the sky will be the limit.

Most teenagers dream of playing in NHL someday. However, hockey scouting is not a science. The scout cannot simply add their favorite ingredients in a blender to produce the ideal recruit. You need to prove that you are actually worth your salt in order to be scouted into top league clubs. Give every game your best and promote yourself; before long, you may find yourself playing in the NHL.

If you want to improve your hockey skills, visit and enroll in a hockey training program that will take your game to the next level.