Hockey Training Tools: The Slide Board

If you want to become a better hockey player, training with a slide board can be very beneficial. However, having some guidance to using the tool will be important. To learn from professionals, you can enroll in an online hockey training program that offers customized programs.

What is a Hockey Slide Board?

The slide board consists of a flat and thin board that comes with a slippery surface made of plastic. It also comes with two blocks positioned on each side of the board. The blocks are meant for pushing off and they can be adjusted together to reduce the difficulty level or adjusted away to increase the difficulty.

How Does a Slide Board Assist in Dryland Hockey Training?

Off-ice training for hockey players has many unique benefits, and a slide board is a tool that can help mimic ice conditions.


When this board is used, it helps in increasing the agility of the player. This is the ability to change directions quickly without reducing speed. Since hockey is normally characterized with high-speed movements, it is very important to learn how to turn quickly without slowing down. Training on a slide board can help a player improve their on-ice performance.

Hip Stability & Leg Strength

A slide board can help in enhancing the stability of the hips and trunk. This is very crucial considering that force is normally targeted on one leg until the player switches positions, thus diverting the force to the other leg. These movements require a lot of energy, especially at the hips, so this off-ice training can help a player become stronger on the ice.


Since hockey is a physical game, the player needs to have excellent balance for optimal performance. Without balance, it is hard to increase speed, endurance and stability. Balance also helps the player perform quick turns when pursuing an opponent, so this is another effect of training on a slide board.

Burning Calories

According to recent health and fitness statistics, the slide board is also crucial in burning calories in the body, thus promoting overall  fitness. This can make the slide board a great off-ice cross-training tool in addition to the stationary bike, Versaclimber, jump rope and running.

Fine Tuning

It is not always easy to take the right hockey strides when moving around the playing surface. You need to calculate every step you take and the amount of energy that will be needed to propel you to your target point. When this board is used, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the best strides and how to fine tune them to suit your target.

Using a hockey slide board correctly can be beneficial, especially with the proper guidance.  HockeyOT offers an online hockey training program that can be customized to fit your specific needs.


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