Dryland Training Tips: The Best Workout Clothes

Many hours of practice go into perfecting your hockey skills, however, even when you are not directly working on specific skills, keeping in top physical condition is an important element in improving your performance. Fortunately, with the right off-ice workout program, hockey players can significantly improve their explosiveness on the ice as well as endurance, responsiveness and overall ability to play the game.

Importance of Choosing the Right Workout Clothes

Choosing a great workout is just the beginning, it is also important to be prepared by making sure you have the right clothes for your workout. Just as you spend time selecting the right hockey equipment, choosing the right workout clothes is also important. Your workout clothes can help enhance your workout and ensure the most effective benefits.

What to Wear for Your Off-Ice Workout

Your off-ice workouts should include a variety of exercises aimed at improving not only speed, but strength, flexibility and endurance, as well. Whether you are on a stationary bicycle, lifting weights or sprinting, the clothes you choose should be comfortable, non-binding, lightweight and breathable. Fortunately, quality workout clothing is easy to find in today’s market. The following items should be part of your home or gym exercise program:

Best Fit for Workout Clothes

When choosing the best clothes for your workout it is important to not only consider the activity you will be doing, but also the fit that would provide the best performance and comfort. For example, when you wear heavy cotton shirts or items that do not provide a comfortable, relaxed fit you run the risk of rubbing and chaffing. Clothes that do not fit properly can also cause interference with your movements.

Of course, different activities might require a more form fitted option. This is true for exercises such as bicycling or running. Often times, a more fitted short can help offer the most comfortable performance for these activities. However, other exercises, such as weight lifting might be fine with a looser fit, but your shirt and shorts should not be so loose that you cannot effectively see muscle contractions and form.

Choose Quality Workout Gear

It can be tempting to simply grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and head off to the gym for your workout; however, it is important to give some consideration to the type of clothing you choose. Today, there are many options that can not only help ensure that your workout is as effective as possible, but these clothing choices can also provide a much higher level of comfort, as well.

Consider some of the advances made in today’s performance clothing. You can find a wide range of shirts and bottoms designed to wick moisture and provide padding or protection where needed. These workout clothes are also non-binding and will allow for the best range of motion while still allowing you to see each muscle contraction or each movement clearly. Of course, these clothing choices might cost a little more than your average cotton t-shirt, but they are designed for a highly effective workout and are made to last. To order HockeyOT.com workout shirts, shorts or baseball caps give us a call toll-free at 1-888-588-0554.



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