Dryland Cardio Exercises for Hockey Players

If you want to be a successful hockey player, cardio exercises are a must. The ideal cardio exercises for hockey players consist of both on-ice and dryland training. Unfortunately, many hockey players neglect their off-ice workouts. As a result, these players rarely meet their full potential when they are on the ice.

Why are Cardio Exercises for Hockey Players Important?

Anybody who has ever played ice hockey will know that good hockey players are fast, strong and dominant. These qualities can only be gained through regular off-ice workouts. Hockey players can improve their performance by engaging in weight training and cardio exercises.

Why Hockey Players Need Weight Training

Both weight training and cardio are equally important for hockey players. The game of hockey requires short, explosive bursts of strength. This is where weight training can help athletes reach their goals. Weight training creates strong, lean muscles that are necessary on the ice. Athletes need to remember that form should always be their number one concern. Using incorrect form could result in injuries. These injuries have the potential to take players out of the game altogether.

The Importance of Cardio Workouts for Hockey Players

Unfortunately, many hockey players believe that all they need to do to become strong is build muscle. This results in them neglecting their cardio workouts. The reality is that cardio is just as important as weight training. Athletes who regularly perform cardio exercises will keep their weight stable.

They will also improve their endurance and speed. In fact, performing regular cardio is the best way to ensure that one is fast on the ice. Those who are strong, quick and mentally sharp are an asset on the ice.

There are countless cardio exercises that athletes can try.  Some of these are listed below.

  • Running – Running is a good choice as it burns calories quickly. It also requires no special equipment.
  • Cycling – Many people like to cycle for cardio purposes. The reason behind this is that cycling can be a lot of fun. This is especially true if the athlete is cycling through scenic areas. Those who want to use a gym can opt for a stationary bike.
  • Rowing – Rowing is a demanding full-body workout. It burns calories and improves both strength and endurance.

Using the exercises described above is a good choice for hockey players. However, a more beneficial option is to find a cardio workout that is hockey specific. A hockey specific training program from HockeyOT is designed to get the biggest gains on the ice. It is also worth noting that players will not waste their time on workouts that do not improve their game. While general cardio will strengthen the muscles and improve speed, it is much slower at producing results. For best results, consider specific cardio exercises for hockey players.



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