online hockey training

What is HockeyOT?

HockeyOT is the only online hockey training program using baseline and progress testing to record and monitor each members custom dryland training. Unlike other fitness and conditioning programs, HockeyOT was created specifically for hockey players by NHL players and coaches.

Our patent pending routine generator was designed by former NHL strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Chad Moreau, specifically with hockey players in mind.


HockeyOT Other web programs and DVD sets
Dryland Hockey Training
Custom workouts based on age, height, weight, level of play, experience, and position
Baseline testing and progress tracking
Patent Pending Routine Generator
Nutrition program with custom meal builder
Monitoring system for coaches to track their team’s progress
360 high-definition instructional exercise videos

What equipment do I need for the HockeyOT program?

  1. Free weights and bar
  2. Dumbbells
  3. Medicine ball
  4. Jump rope
  5. Track or grass area (off-season only)

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